The Buy Local Plan takes a broad view in addressing local benefits end-to-end across the procurement and contract management lifecycle - beginning with business and procurement planning, then progressing into tendering, contract formation, and lastly contract management. Underpinning the Plan’s measures at each of these stages is a focus on procurement capability development, both internal and external to government, to ensure that new practices are embedded, and new policies effectively applied. Ensuring that local content and benefits are considered and evaluated, with commitments then captured and monitored along the entirety of the lifecycle, is integral to the Plan’s success.

The measures of the Buy Local Plan aim to increase local participation in procurement at the lower tier levels, with the focus shifting to increasing local obligations as the value of government spend increases.

Nine key actions underpin the Plan. They are:

  1. Amend NTG policies, procedures and practices to strengthen the consideration of local benefit factors that occurs at agency planning stage.
  2. A Local Content test in all government quotes and tenders, worth a minimum of 30% in tender evaluations.
  3. Improve consistency and quality in the assessment of Local Content during tender evaluations.
  4. Enhance the consideration of local benefits across all tender evaluation criteria, not just the standalone Local Content test.
  5. Inviting at least one quote from a Territory Enterprise for tier 1 and 2 procurements.
  6. A Buy Local Industry Advocate to provide an independent advocacy function to Government on behalf of local industry.
  7. Standard NTG contractual terms and conditions to incorporate the successful tenderer’s local benefit commitments.
  8. A robust contract management framework to improve NTG and supplier relationships and contractual compliance.
  9. Focus on NTG capability development across the end-to-end procurement process, including to industry where relevant.