As one of the largest buyers of goods, services and works in the Territory, government has a responsibility to have in place a value-for-Territory procurement framework that balances its own needs to procure goods and services efficiently and effectively with the needs of industry and the broader community. The Buy Local Plan supports local Territory businesses and is a critical element of the Northern Territory Government’s (NTG) value-for-Territory procurement framework. The Plan has been developed in consultation with business and industry.

The primary objective of the Buy Local Plan is to ensure that the largest possible proportion of every dollar spent by the NTG is retained within and delivers benefits for the Territory economy and community. With an effective value-for-Territory procurement framework in place, local content inputs such as employment, industry development, up-skilling, regional and Indigenous development can be converted into tangible, long-lasting local benefits for the Territory.

There are a broad range of benefits to be realised through the Buy Local Plan. These include the direct, immediate benefits of local content to the goods, services or works delivered under a given contract. This also extends to indirect benefits which may not necessarily be realised during the term of the contract, such as economic stimulation, local industry development and infrastructure development.

The Buy Local Plan’s key initiatives target every stage of the procurement and contract management lifecycle to deliver these benefits.

Some related objectives of the Buy Local Plan include:

  • Give competitive Territory businesses the opportunity to participate in the future growth of the Territory
  • Improve the way that local content and benefits are recognised, evaluated and realised across the procurement and contract management lifecycle.
  • Encourage economic growth in the Territory by supporting local business to innovate, invest, work and grow.
  • Align with existing procurement and broader government reform initiatives such as increasing transparency and cutting red tape.
  • Comply with the Territory’s legal obligations under the Australian Constitution, free trade agreements, competition laws and other relevant national and international instruments.

These objectives are also consistent with the NTG’s Building Northern Territory Industry Participation Policy (BNTIP).

The Buy Local Plan applies to all NTG agencies conducting procurement activities.