Improving consistency and quality in the assessment of local content during tender evaluations

Under the Buy Local Plan’s Local Content assessment criteria, a tenderer’s score will be determined by both the potential benefits available, and NTG’s degree of confidence, based on the information provided, that the tenderer can actually deliver those benefits. This ensures that assessors strike a balance between what a tenderer says they are going to do, but whether or not (based on various factors including their demonstrated commitment to delivering local benefits) NTG is confident they will actually perform. High marks on the Local Content test will be awarded to responses where:

  • Four sectors in a donut chart: agency planning, tendering (highlighted), contract formation, contract management.suppliers have demonstrated a long-standing commitment to delivering local benefits
  • proposed local benefits in tender responses are clear and significant
  • the evaluation panel has a high degree of confidence in the supplier’s ability to deliver them.

The primary goal of any NTG procurement activity is to achieve the best value-for-Territory outcome. Value-for-Territory does not just entail the lowest price, but broader considerations such as whole-of-life costs, support capabilities, past performance, commercial risk and local factors. NTG’s assessment of the Local Content criteria - and indeed all criteria - occurs with the overarching goal of achieving best value-for-Territory.