Focusing on capability development across the end-to-end procurement and contract management lifecycle, including industry where appropriate

Capability underpins good procurement and contract management, both in general and for local content considerations especially. The various stage-specific measures in the Buy Local Plan are supplemented by an overarching focus on capability development, to ensure that the changes to policy and practice introduced by the Plan are entrenched and NTG continues its ongoing program of professionalising its procurement capability. This includes:

  • Four sectors in a donut chart: agency planning, tendering, contract formation, contract management. Developing a whole-of-government procurement capability strategy, to identify capability requirements across agencies and determine an up-skilling approach.
  • Clear delineation of roles and accountabilities by all those involved in the procurement process.
  • Focused training for procurement practitioners on key areas along the procurement and contract management lifecycle that influence local benefit outcomes.

The Plan also includes measures to improve industry knowledge and capability in tendering to NTG, and specifically in demonstrating their local content and local benefits. The Plan will target industry through a variety of avenues, such as roadshows and through the Tendering - How To! Upskills workshop run by Business and Innovation NT.